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One Lonely Ginger

s are bein◆g treated in hospital and described as stable.Work is◆ continuing to retrieve the bodies of three vic5

tims i◆n the flooded shaft.The licensed coal mine with an an◆nual production capacity of 90,000 tonnes is owned by◆ Tengfei Coal Mine Co. Ltd.The Beijing city government has ordered an immediate restart to coal-fue●led generators tW

thorities4 said on T◆uesD

Fighting for Power

o ease the shortage of liquefied natural gas in norther●n China. In a notice released on Thursday but only widely publicized o●n Saturday, the capital's City M6

day. (Xinhua/E


“ the genius ”

anagement Commission confirmed that the● National Development and Reform Commission, the top economic planner, ●had ordered a restart of coal-fueled generators to reduce LNG consumpti●on, Caixin magazine reported. Three major power plants in Beijing conf●irmed that they had received the notice, Caixin reported. To cut conce●ntrationS

Li Ga)s

Dee Dee

“ the sister ”

s of PM2.5-hazardous fine particulate matter with a diameter o●f 2.5 microns or less-28 cities including Beijing, Tianjin and cities ●in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and Henan provinces were to use electricity ●or gas for heating this winter, instead oY

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“ the rival ”

f coal, which is considered th●e main cause of the lingering winter smog. However, as the heating sea●son began, some people in these areas found their homes and schools fre●ezing, mainly due to LNG shortages. The Ministry of Environmental Prot●ection has told authorit7

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